Eloise Fletcher our Clinical Lead Case Manager

Today we have had the great pleasure of interviewing Eloise Fletcher as we¯spoke about her career at Rehab Direct and what an average day in the office looks like. She is a great role model for anyone who wants to be successful within a case management position. 

Q: How did you first get into case management? 

E: I was working within the private sector as a physiotherapist treating complex multi-trauma patients, therefore I was having contact with my patient’s case managers quite regularly. I liked the thought of being able to manage a case and being able to provide the patients with multidisciplinary treatment. I researched the role further and knew David Craig (Rehab Direct clinical development director) was a case manager for a previous patient I had treated. I contacted David and remarkably there was a vacancy post at Rehab Direct. The rest is history!   

Q: How long have you worked for Rehab Direct? 

E: I’ve worked at Rehab Direct for 3 years now. 

Q: What are your key responsibilities? 

E: I manage a caseload of complex multi-trauma patients within the medicolegal field. These patients present with multiple injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, amputations and severe orthopaedic injury. Management is undertaken via home visits, telephone and video calls. I oversee and monitor Rehab Direct’s telephysio service and provide supervision for our physiotherapists. I also provide supervision for our case managers and associate case managers to ensure quality rehabilitation across all services.

“Managing patient’s expectations at the start of their rehabilitation can often be challenging…”

Q: What does an average day for you look like? 

E: Every day is different. Currently, I am split between home working and office working. I aim to book new patients’ immediate needs assessments within 48 hours of receiving the referrals. My patients mostly require weekly monitoring of their treatments/care plans, therefore I will be contacting them and their clinicians for progress updates and to monitor their inputs. At the start and end of the week, I check that all of my patients have been contacted. I will also contact our telephysios to make sure they have had a smooth week and sort out any queries that they may have. 

Q: What were you doing before working at Rehab Direct? 

E: I worked as a physiotherapist in the NHS until 2016. I was working as a senior physiotherapist in an orthopaedic/musculoskeletal department where I led the hydrotherapy service. After leaving the NHS I worked within the private sector as a senior physiotherapist working with complex multi-trauma patients – in their homes, hydrotherapy pools, gyms and in clinics. 

Q: What’s the most challenging part of your job? 

E: Managing patients’ expectations at the start of their rehabilitation can often be challenging because there usually isn’t a quick fix and a full plan has to be in place with everyone in the team fully understanding the patient’s goals. 

Q: What do you like about working at Rehab Direct? 

E: We have a great team. We work together well to make sure our patients receive the best rehabilitation in a timely manner. I also enjoy getting out to see the patients at home, in clinic or even in the gym/pool…yes, I get in the pool with them too! Being a physiotherapist, I always want to get hands-on with the patients to see their progress. 

Rehab Direct provides great clinical support. I think it is really important to chat through a handful of cases each week with other case managers to consolidate your plan and rehab goals. 

There are also a number of bakers in the team, therefore there is always something nice to eat in the office! 

 “99% of my time is spent on the farm helping out!”

Q: Any advice for those who want to do what you do? 

E: Fully research the role. It is not a role that is explored much within the NHS practice; therefore, it is not a well-known area that a physiotherapist can branch into. It is a fantastic job and allows you more freedom to provide your patients with the treatment they require. 

Q: Where would we most likely find you outside of work? 

E: I am married to a farmer; therefore, 99% of my time is spent on the farm helping out!  We have horses as well, so you would likely find me in the saddle on a country lane or walking our dogs Stan and Bella. 

Q: What is something we’d never guess about you? 

E: I used to play lacrosse to junior county level in 6th form.

16 June 2021

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