Meet the Team – Moses

In celebration of International Dog Day this year, we’re putting the spotlight on Rehab Direct’s top dog, Moses. With the help of Faye Deakin – Operations Manager and Moses’s owner – we get the low-down on our four-legged friend.

What type of dog is Moses?

He is an affenpinscher.

How old is Moses and how long have you had him?

Moses is a rescue dog. We got him when he was about 3 years old, and he has just turned 13!

What does Moses enjoy most about coming to the office?

Moses loves coming into the office to have snuggles with the staff, treats that the staff smuggle in for him, his comfy play pen that he spends the day snoring away in, and chasing after the directors if they walk too fast.

What does a typical day look like for Moses at Rehab Direct?

He saunters in, has a quick sniff around to see if anyone is having breakfast, then once he is satisfied that there is no food for him to steal, he climbs into his play pen and curls up for a morning snooze.

The door in his pen is always open, so he will venture out if he hears the fridge open, or the kettle being put on.

Moses is such a friendly pooch that if anyone in the office is feeling a little low or stressed, they’ll come over to him for a nice snuggle – which he really enjoys!

At lunch, we head home for the afternoon, where he has a tasty treat for lunch, then curls up on the sofa in the home office to snooze the afternoon away whilst I work.

If Moses had an official title at work, what would it be and why?

Top Dog – he may be small, but he likes to think that he is in charge!

What does Moses like getting up to outside of work?

  • Eating his favourite treats – chicken or mackerel
  • Curling up on the sofa on his favourite blanket
  • Barking at passers-by
  • Snuggles on the bed
  • Finding a nice sunny spot to lay out on

How would you describe Moses in 3 words?

Stubborn, arable, beloved.

26 August 2022

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