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About Rehab Direct

Rehabilitation (Rehab) Direct was established in 2012. Originally to deliver rehabilitation and support in a different and more innovative way for injured claimants. We are instructed equally by both defendants and claimants in cases of personal injury and clinical negligence. Our reputation was built on the successful management and treatment of cases where chronic pain was a main component. We then expanded our portfolio of work to include all aspects of personal injury care, working across the spectrum of physical and psychological injury.

Our Values


We apply the same level of integrity to our customers and the Rehab team.


We're proud to value diversity and work with empathy and diligence to try and achieve the best outcomes.


We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do, chance does not deliver quality.


We embrace modern developments in healthcare and are prepared to do things differently.

Our Approach

We will provide an initial assessment and agree on a rehabilitation plan focused on the needs of the client with clear goals, achievable milestones and expected outcomes. Each rehabilitation plan will also include costs and anticipated timescales. We create realistic expectations, manage a steady improvement in the quality of life and a structured return to independence and full function.

Stronger together

Rehab Direct is part of the Unity Health Group

Brought together in 2017, Pure Physiotherapy, Medical and Legal Admin Services (MLAS) and Rehabilitation (Rehab) Direct make up the Unity Health Group.

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