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Dyfri Owen


Key Skills

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Multiple and complex trauma

Assessment, planning and delivery of bespoke rehabilitation programmes for people with multiple and complex trauma e.g. visceral damage and neurological deficit.

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Acquired brain injury

Rehabilitation-focused programmes for traumatic brain injuries (caused due to external impact to the head e.g car crash or fall) and non-traumatic brain injury (caused by internal medical complications e.g stroke or brain tumour).

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Persistent pain and functional restoration

Assessment, planning and delivery of bespoke rehabilitation programmes for people with long-term persistent/chronic pain problems e.g. CRPS, fibromyalgia and FND.

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Neurological disorders and injuries

Rehabilitation programmes designed to help those with diseases, injuries or disorders of the nervous system.

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Return to work/vocational rehabilitation

Individual programmes to help people return to work after illness, injury or disability.

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Return to sport

Individual rehabilitation programmes designed to help athletes return back into high-level sport.  


Dyfri Owen graduated as a chartered physiotherapist in 1999 from the University of Wales College of Medicine, having previously completed an honours degree in sports science at Liverpool John Moores University. Dyfri went on to gain a post-graduate certificate in neuromuscular physiotherapy from the University of Wales College of Medicine in 2004. He has extensive experience in the NHS and private sector and has undertaken needs assessments, clinical case management and expert work. 

Dyfri has managed with clients presenting with orthopaedic, medical, neurological and intensive care needs and is also a highly experienced extended scope spinal practitioner. 

Ages treated: adults 18+

Dyfri is registered with: 

  • Health Care Professions Council (PH57000)
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (62154)
  • Member of Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice (7942)
  • Member of Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists
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