Covid Policy

Rehab Direct Visiting You

Prior to the covid pandemic, Rehab Direct staff would visit clients in their own homes to conduct assessments and reviews. There are advantages in us being able to do this in your home but we need to be sure that any advantage is not outweighed by the risks of covid transmission.

Prior to visiting your home, we will contact you to discuss this with you. If you have any reservations, for example, you live with an elderly relative and would prefer an alternative arrangement such as a video call or meeting in another venue, please let us know so that we can make arrangements.

If you are happy for us to visit, we will only send clinicians who have had no contact with anyone with covid symptoms or who have tested positive and we will maintain a minimum of 2m social distance and wear appropriate PPE. We will also ask you for the same re-assurance before a visit takes place.


Visiting a Clinic

We might have to arrange for you to be seen in a clinic not under the direct control of Rehab Direct, for example, to have a scan or see a physiotherapist. In these circumstances, we ask you to co-operate fully with the requirements of that clinic in relation to covid risk measures.

If you have any doubts or concerns regarding covid risk in any of our third-party clinics please contact Rehab Direct to discuss further.


Visiting Our Office

Please check with our staff for our current policy before visiting.

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