Empowering Employees to Return to Work

Injury and illness can be scary, especially when it is a consequence of an accident in the workplace.

Workplace incidents can cause physically and mentally well staff to find themselves in a situation where they are dealing with doctors and other healthcare professionals, HR staff and even solicitors.  For most this is a new and unnerving experience.  The way in which staff are supported in the early stages following injury at work has a major influence on the eventual outcome.

A simple phone or video call from an appropriately trained rehabilitation case manager can have a very positive effect on the injured employee:

  • It shows that they are a valued member of staff and their employer is looking after them and cares about them.
  • It provides an early opportunity for the rehabilitation case manager to triage the injuries and advise on the best form of action (which is often NHS based and self-management advice).
  • It re-assures the employee and ensures they get correct early advice and reduces their anxieties.
  • It empowers the employee and engages them in the rehab process leading to an early return to work and resolution of their injuries.

For more serious injuries a rehabilitation case manager can work with an injured employee and the workplace management advising on return-to-work strategies, adaptation of the environment, job evaluation, vocational rehabilitation and functional capacity assessment.

How do Rehabilitation Case Manager empower patients?

  • By educating them about their injuries, explaining the rehabilitation process and what they should expect by demystifying complex procedures, and explaining healthcare medical jargon.
  • Promoting active self-management as early as possible. The right actions and behaviours in the early stages following an injury are the best investment for a timely resolution. 
  • Encouraging open communication. Providing a safe space allows patients to feel comfortable asking questions about their care and return to work.
  • By utilising modern media to promote easy access. The video consultation has become a proven method of clinical assessment and review and has become trusted by all parties.

Get in touch with our rehabilitation case managers to see how your business could provide a return-to-work service that empowers your staff to return to work following physical, mental or emotional trauma, persistent pain or long-term conditions including covid.

1 March 2024

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