Corporate Health & Risk Management

Our Corporate Services

Absence Prevention

Building workplace and workforce resilience.

Agile Care

Immediate remote triage and treatment post incident.

Return to Work

Employment rehabilitation for liability claims.

Working in Partnership

We believe in providing the best care possible to those that need it, that’s why Rehab Direct and UKS have teamed up to provide the best corporate care programme.

Absence Prevention

We offer a suite of services to help organisations mitigate risk and introduce measures to minimise workplace absence.

In order to deliver the most appropriate services, we build close relationships with organisations to fully understand their culture, needs and issues.

We offer:

  • Mental health resilience programmes.
  • Ergonomic/workstation assessments.
  • Prehabilitation: developing the workforce to better manage the demands of their role.
  • Workforce health and wellbeing.
  • Vehicle assessments.
  • Manual handling training.
  • Physical and psychological conditioning programmes.

Agile Care

A unique rapid response service using remote triage for incidents occurring in the workplace or during the act of work. This full telephone/video physical and psychological service is delivered by our experienced rehabilitation case managers and gives employees immediate access to the help and support they require.

  • Establish the nature and details of the injuries early.
  • Build trust to secure an early return to work.
  • Involve all parties in any ongoing treatment plans.
  • Only employ experienced, professionally registered therapists.
  • Recognise and work with the corporate needs and statutory duties of the employer.


Return to Work

Empowering clients to return to work is a key goal in our approach to rehabilitation. We offer a range of employment-specific services to support our clients at all stages of the return to work process, whether this is following a workplace incident or after a long-term illness.

  • Immediate needs assessment (INA)
  • Workplace evaluation
  • Functional capacity evaluation (FCE)
  • Employment re-direction
  • Job application support

Corporate Health and Wellbeing

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