Immediate Needs Assessment (INA)

Immediate Needs Assessment Summary

Our INAs provide a clear picture of what is required and expected to maximise functional recovery. Our assessments and reports are provided by highly experienced, professional, qualified clinicians in line with the Rehabilitation Code.

The INA identifies all injuries and any functional deficits resulting from an incident. It also outlines the individual goals and recommends treatment options with estimated costs. All the goals and options are discussed with the injured party prior to inclusion in the INA.

The Goal of INAs

The purpose of the INA is to identify physical and psychological injuries resulting from the incident, establish any incapacity caused, outline the individual goals and recommend appropriate treatment options. Our goals and treatment options are discussed and agreed with our client prior to being included in the INA.

Tailored Immediate Needs Assessments

Spinal injuries

Orthopaedic injuries

Head injuries

Chronic pain

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