Long Term Conditions (LTC)

Pain, Function, Independence

Chronic pain affects up to 50% of the UK (BMJ, 2019) and persistent musculoskeletal (MSK) pain takes up to 30% of a GP’s caseload (HEE, 2020).

That’s over 20 million people!

This means that a large portion of the population have an MSK condition such as arthritis or back pain, resulting in disability, affecting quality of life and independence.

Poor MSK health has a huge impact on:

  • Individuals
  • NHS & social care system
  • Employers & employability
  • The economy & social inequality

Leading to…

  • Increased cardiac & respiratory risk
  • Increased diabetes risk
  • Increased work absence
  • Increased social isolation & falls risk
  • Increased sedentary lifestyle
  • Increased weight gain
  • Increased depression & anxiety

Our Focus

  • Reduce the burden on GPs and primary care.
  • Reduce dependency on opioids and high-dose analgesia.
  • Linked to local services and resources, with funding options available.
  • De-medicalise and improve quality of life with supported self-management strategies.
  • Provide an easily accessible service for all patients.
  • Deliver a bespoke service consistent with 2021 NICE guidelines.
  • Direct access to experienced healthcare professionals specifically trained in pain management.
  • Individual, person-centred approach by building a social and psychological background, utilising relevant outcome measures to capture data.

Why Rehab Direct?

Dedicated Time

Our Pain Management Practitioners can spend longer with patients than GPs, building therapeutic rapport

Pain Pathways

No waiting lists and highly adaptable to suit specific needs of the patient

Reducing Pressure

Reducing time spent in front of a GP, lessening front line pressures in Primary Care


Working closely with PCNs to optimise patient support

Working in Partnership

Primary Care

We integrate with social prescribers, pharmacists, care coordinators, GPs, nurses, and other members of the Primary Care MDT

Secondary Care

We recognise the value that secondary care can bring to specific case, however, we believe most patients are far better supported in primary care, away from acute medical services.

Community Care

We integrate with communities, local charities, social enterprises, community help and activity groups, etc.

Rehab Direct

Our LTC pathway includes specialist pain and functional physiotherapists, Health & Wellbeing Coaches with specialist training, and psychological support.

Weekly Breakdown

Understand more about each step of the digital primary care pain service programme.

Patient Needs Assessment (Week 1)

A pain management physiotherapist and patient will complete the initial assessment. Through shared decision making, they agree individual goals and set the specific content of the programme.

Pain Education Module (Week 2)

All patients will complete this module. It is designed to encourage patients to view their pain differently and develop the best approach to manage their pain.

Modules & Follow up Calls (Week 3-8)

The patient and health and wellbeing coach (HWC) will work on the selected modules together using coaching principles in line with Health Education England and the Institute of Personalised Care.

Re-assessment (Week 10)

On completion of the modules, the patient and physiotherapist will organise a meeting to discuss their progress and long term goals. The patient will then be given time to self-manage.

Check in call (Week 12)

This will be conducted by the HWC to check in and discuss how the patient has been managing, with a view to leave the patient for a further 4 weeks self-managing​.

Discharge call (Week 16)

The patient will have one last check in with the HWC before they are formally discharged from the programme. ​The patient will have ongoing access to the digital resources.

Benefits of Collaborating with Rehab Direct


Quality assured clinical governance structure


We provide training for our Physios and Health & Wellbeing Coaches, aligned to HEE requirements


Outlining: outcomes relating to functional improvement, reduction in GP visits, feedback, etc.

Tackling Healthcare Inequalities

Resource translation, hard-copy resources, remote service, tailored pathways to suit cultural needs

Reduced GP visits

Up to 80% reduction in chronic pain patients attending GP consultations

Patient Feedback



I have been able to attend a party for the first time in 8 years and am starting to enjoy outings with family and friends again. I am exercising every day and enjoying it – I am living better despite pain



I cannot thank you enough Rehab Direct for helping me on my journey to obtain the tools necessary to reduce and manage my chronic pain.



I always really look forward to the calls, they have made a huge difference to both my mental and physical health and I would recommend this service to anybody suffering from Chronic Pain – I am really pleased my GP referred me to your service at Rehab Direct.

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