Pain Assessment, Pain Management & Functional Restoration

In many cases, pain is the key issue for the client. Rehab Direct specialises in the assessment and management of pain and restoration of function.

Our Approach

Our approach supports our clients to manage and reduce the impact pain has on their lives. We support and motivate our clients to enable them to take control and improve their overall quality of life. Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of each client and can include input from a wide range of disciplines from personal trainer to consultant psychiatrist.

Our Programmes

Each programme is developed and overseen by one of our rehab managers, all of whom are highly experienced pain management practitioners.

A pain management programme may include some or all the following components:

  • Education on the mechanisms and perceptions of persistent pain
  • Explanation of the treatments available for persistent pain and how they fit into a pain management strategy
  • A medication review and recommendations
  • Psychological support
  • The concept of meaningful exercise and its role in managing pain
  • Development of an individual exercise regime
  • Development of pacing and other control strategies
  • Relaxation techniques

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