What is Agile Care?

Agile Care is our remote rapid response service that delivers full telephone/video physical and psychological assessments, to allow employees immediate access to the help and support needed. It is delivered by physiotherapists and psychotherapists supervised by our senior rehab managers – all our clinicians are experienced practitioners registered with the appropriate professional body.

Our team of specialist telephysios are successful in managing clients who have had incidents at work and may have sustained soft tissue injuries such as whiplash associated disorder.

How does it work?

Once a referral is received, the employee is booked in for an initial remote triage assessment with our telephysio team. An objective assessment of the problem area is undertaken, any clinical red flags are screened for, past medical history and work status is reviewed. Then the patient’s treatment can begin – this usually starts with an initial plan being formed in which clear goals are established for the patient.

Some of our patients have been to the GP, A&E or had a medical consultation following the index accident (the accident in which the claim is being made) and have received a diagnosis. This can aid our treatment planning but is not necessary for us to help, as we do our own assessments.

The physical and psychological assessment establishes:

  • The patient’s level of function and severity of symptoms.
  • Details of previous medical history and how that could affect the new injuries.
  • The different treatment options and further recommendations, to give the patient options to choose from.
  • If there is a need for additional diagnostic investigation, e.g an MRI or a follow up medical consultation.
  • An analysis of any barriers preventing a return to work, so that all parties involved and can act upon them.
  • A clinical red flags screening, e.g if there are indications of any unidentified serious pathologies.

Clear goals are then agreed on based on objective, subjective, functional and occupational markers to ensure a clear understanding for the patient of the rehabilitation plan and their role in it.

What are the benefits of Agile Care?

Our telephysio service is extremely effective in conveying the crucial initial advice and support to the client in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

We provide quick (sometimes same day as receiving referral) assessments with experienced physios which allows rapid intervention with the appropriate treatment plan.

It is highly convenient for patients – telephone and video calls can be made at a time of day to suit them.

It is advantageous for the employer in managing absence injuries quickly and getting staff back to work sooner.

All telephysios are supervised by highly experienced rehabilitation managers. All co-morbidities are taken into consideration during each assessment and treatment plans are highly personalised and adapted to suit individual patients.

Each telephysio has access to our exercise app where every patient will be sent a home exercise programme tailored to their specific needs.

12 February 2024

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