Phil Mudge

Case study: from chronic pain to normality

1 May 2024

Steve’s story: life before the Rehab programme Steve’s l...

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Jane and Naomi’s back pain stories

22 April 2024

Jane and Naomi were each referred by their GPs into the Prim...

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Case study: 12 week rehabilitation programme reduces pain and improves confidence

4 April 2024

Chronic pain affects up to 50% of the UK population (BMJ, 20...

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Meet the Team – Alison Hood, Health and Wellbeing Coach Team Leader

27 March 2024

We sit down with our Health & Wellbeing Coach Team Lead, Ali...

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Empowering Employees to Return to Work

1 March 2024

Injury and illness can be scary, especially when it is a con...

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Helping You Set and Achieve Your Goals!

20 February 2024

A goal is something a person wants to achieve, the types of ...

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What is Agile Care?

12 February 2024

Agile Care is our remote rapid response service that deliver...

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What Makes a Good Rehabilitation Case Manager?

21 January 2024

What Is a Rehabilitation Case Manager? Rehabilitation case m...

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Pain and Psychological Response

12 January 2024

What is pain and when does it become chronic pain and what a...

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Orthopaedic Injuries INA Case Study

4 January 2024

An immediate needs (INA) assessment case study regarding com...

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